Secure custody
for digital

Komainu’s digital vault, and those it protects

Digital wallet

Secure custody has long been available for traditional assets but can be difficult to find for digital assets – which are often secured by technology alone. Technology is just a product, and institutions are looking for more than a product to provide a full service custody solutions partner.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have a symbiotic link that results in the creation of value. Komainu improves the safe keeping and stewardship of these digital assets by providing a secure digital vault.

  • Smart contracts

    Contracts define who has rights over what. Smart contracts are self-enforcing, only those who are authorised can assess, use the corresponding resource, and are secured on a blockchain, makes the contract an asset that Komainu can protect.

  • Utility tokens

    Increasingly, payments are made with utility tokens - coupons for specific services and resources that are stored on a blockchain – that can be secured just like any digital asset.

  • Security tokens

    Digital tokens give rights to a financial asset, such as a bond or share, ensuring vital outcomes like non-repudiation and non-duplication creating another intersection between digital and real-world assets. Komainu operates at this convergence.

  • Real-world assets

    Even if an asset isn’t digitised, its provenance and ownership may be. When digital contracts or certificates secure real-world assets, those certificates need protection too - and as digital documents, they can be secured in a digital vault.

  • Digital portfolios

    A portfolio contains not one asset, but many, and a digital vault has the capability to hold all types of digital assets. A digital vault allows financial professionals to hold diverse collections of digital assets in the same place, with the same assurance.

It’s about reassurance.

Use cases

An adventurous individual investor may sidestep some assurances. For them, perhaps a safe or bank account provides enough trust.

But an institutional investor? Never. Institutions need to know that every action and decision follows a legal and contractual framework. It’s about reassurance, reputation.

The private bank

Connecting custody to customer

A framework that goes beyond technology

Not all private bank customers realize how deeply banks depend on other banks. Nor should they need to. Managing relationships with clearing banks, other financial institutions, and jurisdictional interaction on a global scale are part of a private banker’s role. All the customer needs to know is that the digital assets are safe.

The private bank securing digital assets with Komainu can offer its customers all these advantages—and more. Komainu gives private bankers familiar processes for establishing custody along with the ability to maintain personal service to HNWIs, family offices, trusts, and beyond.

With Komainu, the private bank can offer clients the same peace of mind for digital assets as they do for their traditional ones—without the need for vast infrastructure investment. Komainu provides an enterprise-scale reassurance system for the boutique bank.

Financial institutions

Keeping custody non-negotiable

Keeping custody at the core of asset management

Regardless of what the asset is, all financial institutions want to know is who’s responsible for it.

When the search for higher returns leads to innovative products, there isn’t always an easy answer. A financial institution’s first priority is to establish exactly which party is responsible for what, regardless of their respective size.

Komainu recognizes how complex this is—and offers institutions a clear and compliant custody framework for digital assets.

The digital vault allows institutions to build approval workflows and governance protocols into processes that can be made-to-measure for a specific asset or client need. Ensuring the right people can access resources without a single point of failure. A solution that matches the most secure technology in the complex environment of the real world.

The pension fund

Safer holdings, securely held

Reassurance that reaches millions of people

Pension funds seek growth. But not at any cost. With liabilities stretching years, decades, lifetimes ahead, pension fund managers want growth as de-risked as possible. The uncertainty of an asset without sound custody is a material risk that many cannot afford to take.

In the past, the absence of trustworthy custody solutions has stopped pension managers from investing in digital assets, but that’s changing. A digital custodian brings assets that were previously avoided into consideration by ensuring clear title and ownership at every link in the custody chain.

Komainu’s digital vault provides pension fund managers with the reassurance needed to invest in digital assets, enabling stable and predictable growth over the longest of investment horizons.

The institutional investor

All-round certainty, all around the world

Custody as the base, assurance as the outcome

The individual investor can choose their appetite for risk, including assets without clear ownership or legal infrastructure. The institutional investor, who keeps assets on behalf of others, doesn’t have that option.

There’s an additional complication. It’s not enough to simply store assets; they must also remain readily accessible and usable.

While custody is the foundation on which everything is built, successful management of digital assets asks a lot more of today’s financial institutions. Standard protocols to keep value flexible and fungible, compliance with different legal regimes without the expense of multiple infrastructures, and processes and controls that financial services providers around the world will recognize and respect need to also be readily available.

This is why that even though Komainu’s service for digital assets begins with custodianship, it doesn’t end there. Komainu provides complete custody solution that covers all the bases.

Instead of working with a swathe of different service providers, data center operators, law firms, and third parties, Komainu allows institutions to consolidate digital assets in one place.

Similar to a secure vault, Komainu keeps assets separated between accounts—with both hardware and software—and provides controlled access via customizable pathways and processes that accurately identify both the users and administrators.

Komainu closes the circle of custody by providing established ownership, secure storage, and strong legal compliance along with the flexibility to fully customize service to properly serve clients of all sizes one-to-one. Komainu’s solutions delivers what has long been the gold standard in the real world: complete assurance for digital assets.


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