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Komainu technology in depth

The vault is a blockchain solution, but a truly secure custodianship needs more, meaning blockchain is just the start. Komainu combines proven cryptographic security with customizable processes, reputational assurance, and a legal framework, creating a complete solution for firms ranging from the smallest family office to the largest institutional investor.

    Software, hardware, and processes. Komainu’s solution integrates all three.

    World-class technology

    A complete vault for digital assets combines software, hardware, and processes and Komainu’s solution integrates all three. Specialised software provides secure encryption and authentication between users and administrators. Custom hardware seals and hardens data, with assets held in a Secure Data Centre (SDC), protected by a Hardware Security Module (HSM) and controls operator’s interactions via a Personal Security Device (PSD). Processes, the scripts describing the asset, the governance framework it complies with, and the signing services that allow access, are designed to follow all necessary protocols and laws. This combination of custom hardware, software, and processes gives institutions the ideal infrastructure for securing digital assets both virtually and physically.

    Komainu can match its structure and function.

    Custom custody processes

    Every client is different and so is every regulatory environment. Accordingly, Komainu lets every client interact with their vault in the way that makes sense for them—customising access and authentication processes for all authorised individuals.

    Komainu’s custody solution allows clients to define every rule and trigger needed for successful completion of a transaction, including value thresholds, initial conditions, authorisation levels and whitelisted addresses.

    Whatever the needs of your process, Komainu can supply the required structure and function.

    Strong business reputation

    All partners in Komainu bring market-leading experience to custody of your digital assets—with reputations to match.

    • The name recognition of a global bank

      Nomura’s role as a global international bank with over ¥100tn in assets under management has provided assurance to institutional investors for nearly a century. As Nomura’s digital custody infrastructure, Komainu adds to the already renowned reputation of its Japanese largest shareholder.

    • The tested infrastructure of a technology leader

      Ledger’s industry leading vault services are used by multiple institutions and venture funds including:, Bank Frick, and Coinhouse. Investors include Samsung, Draper Associates, and Cathay Innovation.

    • The expertise of a professional investment strategist

      Komainu’s third partner, CoinShares, began as Global Advisors – an innovator in the energy sector for over 20 years who helped oil make its journey from commodity to investable asset class. With digital assets now on the same journey, they face the same obstacles—and CoinShares applies the same practices to digital assets, managing over $4.5B of them.

    Solid legal framework

    Custody is the basis for the safekeeping of traditional assets and digital assets are no different. Komainu’s solution goes beyond technology— applying an institutional grade governance framework to custody.

    CoinShares, active in the digital asset space since 2013, is regulated in multiple jurisdictions with technical and operational expertise worldwide. Nomura, licensed in over 30 countries and operating in many more, provides custody services for thousands of financial institutions ranging from family offices to multinational corporations. Ledger is a leading security innovator in the digital asset space.

    Komainu’s goal is to bring the same levels of regulatory assurance to digital assets that already exist for traditional ones. With a governance framework established, clients can invest in confidence.


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