Komainu was created in 2018 as a joint venture between Japanese custodian Nomura, blockchain experts Ledger, and digital asset investment manager CoinShares. Each a leader in their respective field, together, they built a custody infrastructure that satisfies every requirement of the institutional investor.


And the name....?

Komainu, or lion-dogs, are stone guardians watching the entrance to Shinto shrines. One creature has its mouth closed, signifying security and confidentiality to those who pass. The other, open, announcing presence and permanence to the world. Komainu are often visible at the gates of a shrine—but equally often, they’re hidden from view, safeguarding from the shadows. Komainu is built on these same principles.

Your trusted partners

Our leadership team

  • CEO

    Nicolas Bertrand

  • COO

    Suzanne Hubble

  • Head of Strategy

    Sebastian Widmann

  • CISO

    Andrew Morfill

  • Head of Regulation and Compliance

    Evelien Van Den Arend

  • Head of Sales

    Darren Jordan

  • Head of HR

    Harriet Erridge

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