Reporting Misconduct Procedure

Komainu Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates (together, “Komainu” or “we”), believe the best way to build and to maintain trust is to conduct every element of our business according to the highest ethical standards.

Should you become aware of any of our employees or individuals acting on behalf of Komainu engaging in acts of misconduct such as breaches of laws, regulations or industry codes of conduct, including environmental or human rights related concerns along the supply chain of Komainu, you can help us by reporting your concerns via email to:

You are not obliged to identify yourself when making a report, with all reports received handled by our Compliance Team and where necessary, by investigation teams, in order to enable your report to be investigated, and to support Komainu’s non-retaliation policy.

Steps will be taken to preserve confidentiality/anonymity, but it cannot be guaranteed if, for example, your identity is revealed in the course of investigation or application of Komainu’s non-retaliation policy, or if regulatory disclosure becomes necessary.

Komainu employees should report misconduct in line with internal processes.

For any other types of concerns, including feedback on service quality, please refer to our Complaints Procedure.


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