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Built for institutions, Komainu offers a custodial staking service that allows you to participate in blockchain rewards while assets remain in custody with Komainu. Through custodial staking, you can actively contribute to the consensus mechanism of a proof-of-stake (PoS) network by delegating tokens to support the network's operations.
  • Launched in Q1 2022

  • Designed for institutions

  • Available in Dubai and Jersey  


Custodial staking. Built for institutions.

Segregated, on chain

When you stake with Komainu, your assets remain segregated at all times and visible on-chain. This ensures the utmost security and integrity of your assets throughout the staking process.

White glove approach

We provide a tailored service that caters to the unique needs of institutional clients. Our dedicated team offers personalised, attentive support and assistance throughout your staking journey.

Slashing protection

Working alongside leading node infrastructure providers, we aim to maintain flawless slashing record to date. Our 24/7 monitoring of machine and protocol metrics minimises the risk of slashing related to downtime.

Frictionless operational approach

We strive to make staking as effortless as possible for our clients, enabling you to log on and stake with ease. Our seamless integration with partner networks ensures smooth operations while maintaining strict due diligence and AML standards. We continuously monitor and track of partner performance to deliver optimal results.

Empowering participation

Komainu puts you in control. Our custodial staking service empowers institutional clients to actively contribute to the consensus mechanism of a proof-of-stake (PoS) network and earn rewards.

Purpose-built for institutions

Designed specifically for institutional clients, Komainu's custodial staking service was launched in Q1 of 2022. With our deep understanding of the institutional landscape and industry expertise, we provide a reliable and tailored solution to meet your unique staking requirements.

Institutional grade infrastructure partners

Reporting, built for institutions

Reporting, built for institutions. The Komainu reporting portal delivers exceptional reporting capabilities, combining cutting-edge technology, independent verification, data aggregation, customisation options, and a comprehensive portfolio view to elevate your reporting journey. Experience the power of transparent and insightful reporting from our portal.

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