Partners you can trust

An infrastructure of expertise

Komainu started in 2018 as a joint venture between Japanese custodian Nomura, blockchain experts Ledger, and digital asset investment manager CoinShares.

Each a leader in their respective field. Together, they form a custody infrastructure that satisfies every requirement of the institutional investor.

Three trusted names in financial services

  • Nomura: a global custodian

    Nomura Securities is a global financial services group active in over 30 countries. Its four divisions – retail, asset management, wholesale financial services, and merchant banking—total over ¥100tn in assets under management. More information on Nomura can be found at

  • Ledger: best-in-class digital asset security

    Ledger provides world-leading security technology for digital assets, spanning hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies to blockchain-based digital vaults, and provides the infrastructure for Komainu’s digital vault. Find out more at

  • CoinShares: experienced digital asset managers

    CoinShares, formerly Global Advisors, has a 20-year history of advising investment professionals as tradeable commodities evolved into investable assets, first in the energy sector, and now with digital assets, and currently has 4.5bn in assets under management. As Komainu’s founding partner and initial client, it brings a wealth of experience institutions and investors need when broadening their portfolios. For more on CoinShares go to

And the name?

Komainu, or lion-dogs, are stone guardians watching the entrance to Shinto shrines. One creature has its mouth closed, signifying security and confidentiality to those who pass. The other, open, announcing presence and permanence to the world. Komainu are often visible at the gates of a shrine—but equally often, they’re hidden from view, safeguarding from the shadows. Komainu is built on these same principles since its partners all share these values.


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